Cation and Anion Standards

Reagecon's range of Cation and Anion standards are developed and formulated for calibration and control of ICP-MS, ICP-OES, Atomic Absorption, Ion Chromatography and Flame Photometry instruments and systems. We have been manufacturing such Standards for over two decades, have the most extensive range available and our products are noted for purity, quality and specification. They are available as single element standards, a wide variety of multi-element configurations and all are available in several matrices.

ICP-MS, ICP-OES Standards

Reagecon’s ICP-MS and ICP-OES Standards are prepared gravimetrically on a weight/weight basis from the purest available raw materials on the market.

Elemental Impurities ICH Q3D

Reagecon has responded to changes in the test methods of all the major pharmacopoeias by developing an outstanding and complete range of ultrapure Elemental Impurity ICH Q3D Standards.

Trace Analysis

Reagecon's High Purity Matrices, specifically produced for trace element analysis with products being tested for over 60 different analyte impurities High Purity Matrices

Atomic Absorption Standards (AAs)

Reagecon manufacture an extensive range of Atomic Absorption (AAs) Standards. These include standards for the measurement of the most common alkali and transition metals.

Ion Chromatography Standards (IC)

Our Ion Chromatography (IC) Standards are prepared, tested and verified by following the exact same regime as presented for our ICP-MS Standards.

Flame Photometry Standards

Reagecon's offers an extensive range of Flame Photometry Standards in Single and Multi Element formats, the range includes standards for Clinical, Industrial and Linearity.