Physicochemical Standards

Reagecon's Physicochemical Standards range:-

Sucrose in Water (Brix) ISO 17034 Certified Reference Materials

Reagecon's range of Sucrose in Water (Brix) Certified Reference Materials (CRMs), are manufactured and certified in accordance with the requirements of ISO 17034 and are suitable for use on any make or model of refractometer and are ICUMSA compliant.

Brix Standards

Reagecon's range of Non ICUMSA compliant Stabilised Brix Standards (Sucrose) for ease of use when controlling all types of Refractometers, irrespective of brand. These products are also used as Calibrants in addition to being used as Quality Control Solutions.

Refractive Index Standards

Reagecon manufactures Refractive Index (RI) Standards using both Sucrose and Solvents as raw materials. The products represent excellent value for users, These products are used either to calibrate Refractometers or as Quality Control Solutions during refractive index measurement.

Analytical Standards

Reagecon's range of Analytical Standards for Galactose, Glucose, Maltose, Saccharose, Fructrose and Lactose.

Colour Standards

Reagecon offers the full range of ASTM, Saybolt, Platinum-Cobalt (Hazen), Gardner, European Pharmacopeia and United States Pharmacopeia Colour Standards for use with ASTM, APHA, ACS, European and United States Pharmacopeia standard methods.

Cryoscope Standards

Reagecon's Cryoscope Standards are used to calibrate, control, verify or validate all models of Cryoscopes that are compliant to International Reference Standard ISO5764/IDF108. The range is completed by the availability of Heat Transfer Fluid and Bath Liquid

Density Standards

Reagecon's Density Standards Premium range are manufactured in accordance with ASTM D1480 for testing of Density or Relative Density by Bingham Pycnometry. Reagecon's Quality range of Density Standards are manufactured in accordance with ASTM D4052 for testing of Density, Relative Density and API Gravity of Liquids using Digital Density Meters. The products can be used for calibration, quality control, method validation or instrument qualification where appropriate. 

Melting Point Standards

Reagecon's Melting Point Standards include materials that range in melting point value from +47°C to +335°C. These products are tested using a reference Melting Point apparatus that is calibrated to give traceability to the ITS-90 Temperature Scale.

Osmolality Standards

Reagecon’s range of Osmolality Standards for Osmometry determinations start at 50 mOsm/Kg and go up to 3000 mOsm/Kg. These standards are used for calibration, quality control, method validation and instrument calibration. They are manufactured in accordance with European and United States Pharmacopoeia guidelines. Products specifically designed for clinical applications are also available.

Spectrophotometry Standards

Reagecon's Spectrophotometry Standards are suitable for use on all UV-VIS Spectrophotometers. The range of standards includes: Linearity, Wavelength, Stray Light, Bandwidth and Resolution Standards.

Viscosity Standards

Reagecon's Viscosity Standards are certified, accurate and traceable. Products can be used for calibration, control, verification, qualification or method validation of Kinematic and Dynamic Viscosity Measurement Instruments (manual and automatic).