General Laboratory Standards & Reagents

Reagecon’s General Laboratory Standards and Reagents include:-

Analyst Qualification Sets

Analyst Qualification Sets that enable Laboratory Managers to provide their analysts with “blind” samples and thus cost effectively assess the competency of each individual analyst on a specific range of tests.

Cleaning Solutions

Laboratory Cleaning Solutions in ready to use format. Included in this range are: Sodium Hypochlorite Solutions,  Isopropanol Cleaning Solutions and Ethanol Cleaning Solutions.

Laboratory Water

Reagecon’s Laboratory Water products are high quality pure water products that can be used as a matrix for a variety of solutes or as cleaning and sanitisation solutions. The range includes Purified, Deionised, and Analytical Grade Water.

Mobile Phase

Reagecon’s range of pre-mixed ready to use Mobile Phase Solutions are designed to be used as Buffered Eluents for Liquid Chromatography. The use of these high quality buffer systems will minimise variations of mobile phase pH, leading to dramatically improved selectivity, retention factor, peak shape, resolution and reproducibility.

Standards and Reagents

General Laboratory Reagents and Standards that include Dissolved Oxygen, Kjeldahl, Water Hardness, Formal Buffer Saline and others for a range of General Laboratory and Clinical applications.