Industry Specific Standards & Reagents

Reagecon's range of Industry Specific Standards and Reagents:-

APHA, AWWA & WEF Test Methods

APHA, AWWA & WEF Test Methods are procedures for the examination of a wide spectrum of parameters in water and waste water. Reagecon products developed specifically for Standard Methods are listed herein.

Beverage Standards & Reagents

Standards and Reagents for the M965D Carbon Dioxide Analyser, which has application in the soft drink and brewery industries.

Dairy Standards & Reagents

Reagecon offers a wide range of Physical and Chemical Standards and Reagents that are appropriate for the testing of dairy products. Several of these products, which are specific or unique to the dairy industry, are listed herein.

Pulp & Paper Standards & Reagents

Reagecon offers the largest range of Reagents and Standards available in the market place for this important and heavily regulated industry. These products facilitate savings in time and money and offer traceability, comparability and convenience.

Soil Testing Standards & Reagents

Reagecon offers the largest selection of products relevant to soil testing. These include standards for Metals, Anions, Conductivity and pH. Also included are Organic Standards for pollutants such as Pesticides, Phenols, Volatile Organic Carbons and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons.

Wine & Must Standards & Reagents

A comprehensive range of Standards and Reagents for Wine and Must Analysis, irrespective of whether the methodology is instrumental or manual.