Refrigeration & Heating Technology

Reagecon is a worldwide supplier of laboratory refrigerators and freezers.

We offer laboratory refrigerators of various sizes and specifications with a -2 -35°C range. Capacity varies from 90 to 550 L. Refrigerators are of high-grade materials, high-performance components and accurate workmanship. We offer an exclusive range of refrigerator accessories. A lot of the refrigerators come with a power failure detectors and integrated display clocks.

Our superb range of freezers for laboratory applications vary in temperature range from -10° C down to -85° C. The freezers vary in degrees of complexity of control, electronic display and alarm capability and may be constructed from stainless steel, aluminium, or powder coated sheet steel. All are well designed, robust, durable and represent great value. An extensive range of boxes, racks and ultralow temperature containers are available. Size and capacity vary from benchtop freezers right through to full chess type apparatus.
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