Privacy Policy

We can confirm that all personal information held by Reagecon Diagnostics Limited is protected and respected.
This privacy statement describes how this is done and specifies how we use personal data and what the rights are of the individuals or organisations from whom data is collected.
Reagecon takes the security of all the data it holds very seriously.   We maintain processes and policies to ensure the data is held securely and that both processes and policies are relevant and fit for purpose.

Obtaining Data
We have no choice but to obtain relevant data in order to sustain our commercial relationship; and such data is obtained directly from you and generated during the course of conducting normal business with you.
Processing of Data
Data protection law ensures that there is a justifiable and legal basis for the processing of your personal data and we will use your data to maintain internal business records, manage customer relationships and maintain internal standard operating processes. We will also use your data to comply with statutory and regulatory reporting to relevant authorities.
What data is processed?
The personal data that we process includes:
Name, telephone number, address, job title, relevant email correspondence and any other information required for legitimate business purposes. In the normal course of business transactions, additional data may need to be obtained.
How long do we hold data for?
We will hold  personal data controlled by us for as long as is considered necessary for the purpose or purposes for which it was collected except for cases where it is a legal requirement to be retained for longer periods.

Personal data controlled by Reagecon, will be shared with third party data processors only when legal and necessary. We strive to maintain robust security measures in order to minimize risk to your personal data.
We will obtain privacy statements from all third-party processors to ensure that they are in line with Reagecon’s policies.
No data will be sold, shared or distributed to any third party unless we are required by law or issued with a court order to do so.

Reagecon maintains rigorous processes for the  security and protection of Data. Secure measures continue to be monitored and updated to keep data accurate and safe from unauthorised access.
Reagecon is committed to continuous improvement in our security programmes including upgrade, installation or implementation of new technologies as they become available.

As an individual you have the right to ensure your personal data is accurate, secure and only used or stored for explicit and lawful purposes.
You reserve the right to request your personal data held by Reagecon by writing to  If you feel the data held is incorrect you can submit in writing to the relevant personal information you would like corrected, suppressed or changed.

In the event that you have any complaints about the use of your personal data, please submit in writing to the