Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) Standards

Reagecon’s offering includes a comprehensive range of COD Standards, COD Reagents and COD Reagent Vials.
  • COD Standards are ideal for use as Control Standards to verify that correct analysis for COD has taken place. Achieving an acceptable result for the Control Standard will improve confidence in sample readings for this important environmental parameter.
  • COD Reagents include reagents for the two accepted methods for measuring COD at concentrations less than 400mg/l. Where the concentration is greater than 400mg/l, the sample must be diluted.
  • COD Reagent Vials from Reagecon can be used in conjunction with the Aqualytic PC Spectro, PC Compact Vario and all Hach® spectrophotometers. This compatibility is proven in the Reagecon Technical Publication
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