Mettler-Toledo Conductivity Meter Seven Compact S230-USP/EP

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The colour display with its well-designed icons and menu settings in 10 languages makes operation genuinely intuitive. Applications range from routine measurements through sample analysis, data handling and data archiving in compliance with GLP regulations. Simply innovative design that meets the requirements for a universal, easy-to-operate conductivity meter.

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Weight 3.80
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Additional Details
Pack Size ea
Weight 3.80
Weight Unit Kg
Tariff Code 90278020


  • User friendly instrument for demanding users
  • Security and high reproducibility thanks to Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM®)
  • Improved quality of measurements through professional calibration support
  • Comprehensive service package including IQ/OQ
  • Integrated USB and RS232 interfaces for data exchange
S230-USP/EP: Instrument, electrode holder, protective cover, operating instructions, quick guide, declaration of conformity and test certificate, InLab® 741-ISM, guide to conductivity measurements and 2 calibraton sachets for 1413µS/cm.
Calibration:13 pre-defined and 1 user-defined standard
Conductivity range:0.001µS/cm to 1000mS/cm, autoscaling
Conductivity accuracy:± 0.5%
Salinity range:0.00 to 80.00psu
TDS range:0.00mg/L to 1000g/L, autoscaling
Resistivity range:0.00 to 100MOhm*cm, autoscaling
Conductivity ash range:0.000 to 2022%, autoscaling
Temperature range
MTC:-30.0 to 130.0°C
ATC:-5.0 to 130.0°C
Temperature accuracy:± 0.1°C
Display:4.3 inch, TFT color
Ext. power supply:9-12V/10W

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