IKA Drying Oven 125L Control Dry

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High-performance drying cabinet with fast heating-up times and precise temperature control guarantee reproducible laboratory results. Thanks to high-quality insulation; the device has a very large interior space of 125L in relation to the total volume. This structure also reduces odor emissions and operating costs and ensures excellent spatial temperature distribution.

Additional Details

Pack Size ea
Weight 125
Weight Unit Kg
Tariff Code 84198998
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Additional Details
Pack Size ea
Weight 125
Weight Unit Kg
Tariff Code 84198998


  • Oven basic dry with natural convection up to 250°C
  • Oven control dry with circulating air up to 300°C
  • Electronically adjustable ventilation flap
  • Clear LED display and operating menu
  • keylock
  • Timer from 1 minute to 100 days
  • Adjustable temperature limiter
  • USB interface
  • For up to 6 shelves
  • Stainless steel interior
  • Alternatively also with a glass door
  • Door opening up to max. 180°
Additional Features Oven 125 Control Dry:
  • Circulating air drying cabinet with automatic fan switch-off
  • Circulating air adjustable in 10 levels
  • Real time clock
  • Over-temperature limiter TWB (DIN 12880)
  • Lighting in the interior
  • Rear cable entry for measurements in the furnace
  • RS 232 interface
  • Direct storage of data on USB stick
  • Interface for additional temperature sensor (display and control possible)
  • 2 large TFT displays
Scope of delivery: Oven with 2 shelves and factory calibration certificate at 160°C

Interior volume:125 l
Ambient temperature:5 ... 40 ° C
Temperature range:RT + 5 ... 300 ° C
Setting and display resolution:0.1 K
Temperature constancy (150 ° C):± 0.3 K
Perm. rel. Humidity:
Heating capacity:
2400 W
Dimensions, outside (W x D x H):
Dimensions, inside (W x D x H):
700 x 650 x 825 mm
550 x 525 x 450 mm
Weight:82 kg
Mains connection:230 V, 50/60 Hz
Protection class:IP 20
Dimensions outside (W x D x H)700 x 650 x 825 mm
rated capacity2.45 kW