Reagecon Multipoint Calibration Kit for Total Organic/Inorganic Carbon (TOC/TIC) suitable for use with Sievers 900/M9 Analysers

Item No. RC120016
Reagecon's Multipoint Calibration Kit for Total Organic/Inorganic Carbon (TOC/TIC) is a product of extremely high specification and purity. The product is produced from ultra pure raw materials including water that is prepared by a special proprietary process. The product is presented in vials that are manufactured, cleaned and leached, by a special proprietary process specifically for the product.
Item No - Description Qty
RTOCW-TOC Standard USP Reagent Water Rw 1
RTOCK07-TOC Standard 0.25mg/L C as KHP 1
RTOCK09-TOC Standard 1.0mg/L C as KHP 1
RTOCK12-TOC Standard 25mg/L C as KHP 1
RTOCK13-TOC Standard 50mg/L C as KHP 1
RTOCK14-TOC Standard 5mg/L C as KHP 1
RTICN02-TIC Standard 1.0mg/L as Na₂CO₃ 1
RTICN05-TIC Standard 5mg/L as Na₂CO₃ 1
RTICN06-TIC Standard 10mg/L as Na₂CO₃ 1
RTICN07-TIC Standard 25mg/L as Na₂CO₃ 1
RTICN08-TIC Standard 50mg/L as Na₂CO₃ 1

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Weight 0.45
Weight Unit Kg
Pack Size 11x40ml
Value Mixed Set
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Additional Details
Weight 0.45
Weight Unit Kg
Pack Size 11x40ml
Value Mixed Set


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The products RTOCK07, RTOCK09, RTOCK12, RTOCK13, RTOCK14, RTICN02, RTICN05, RTICN06, RTICN07 and RTICN08 from the table above are prepared gravimetrically on a weight/volume basis to a specification of ± 2%. Reagecon holds IEC/ISO 17025 accreditation for calibration of laboratory balances and pipettes (INAB Ref: 265C). All products are tested and certified using a high performance calibrated Total Organic Carbon Analyser (TOC Instrument), RTOCK09, RTOCK12, RTOCK14, RTICN02, RTICN05, RTICN06 and RTICN07 are tested within the scope of Reagecon’s ISO 17025 accredited test method (INAB Ref: 264T) and RTOCW, RTOCK13, RTICN08 and RTOCK07 are not tested within the scope of the accredited test method. The calibration of the TOC instrument is completed using high purity Certified Reference Materials from an ISO 17034 accredited producer similar in TOC concentration value to this product.

Product Specifications

Total Organic/Inorganic Carbon (TOC/TIC) Reference Standard, Total Organic/Inorganic Carbon (TOC/TIC) Reference Material
Value Mixed Set
Additional Information Accuracy ± 2%
Certified Yes
Matrix Water (H₂O)
Use TOC/TIC Analysis
Packaging TOC Glass Vials with Septa & Cap
Physical Form Liquid