• BURKLE Automatic Burettes with Splinter Protection 18/01/2019

    Burette according to Dr. Schilling with splinter protection, with Schellbach stripes, automatic zeroing system and Bürkle dosing device.

    The glass burette is covered with a plastic sheet which increases the tensile strength and serves as splinter protection. The probability that the burette breaks is reduced compared to conventional burettes and even in case the burette breaks, no dangerous splinters will be produced.  

  • PARAFILM® Offer 16/01/2019
    (offer valid until Thursday, 28th February 2019)

    Parafilm® M can be stretched up to 200% and clings around irregular shapes and surfaces, is resistant to many polar substances such as saline solutions, inorganic acids and alkaline solutions for up to 48 hours. (After this time it may become brittle).

  • Christmas Schedule 13/12/2018

    Seasons Greeting to all our valued Customers. 

    Our offices will be closed for the Christmas period from Friday 21st December and will re-open for business on Wednesday 2nd January 2019.

    Details on our last Christmas Shipping dates can be found on the link below

  • Embracing E-Commerce to Scale a Business 01/10/2018


    Reagecon has been growing steadily, but has up until now, not embraced ecommerce. The company has been employing traditional sales and marketing techniques. These include the use of a well motivated sales force, catalogues, exhibitions, advertising in trade journals, technical white papers and other marketing collateral. We had a very poor website and virtually no SEO capability. “We were inundated with technical enquiries, stock availability, supply chain, delivery and transport enquiries” says Tom Neylon, Sales Manager at Reagecon. There was significant scope also for order handling improvement, every order was entered manually into our ERP system.