GFL Mono Water Still with Storage Tank 2002

Item No. 9910602
For the production of distilled water. Distillate quality according to the regulations of international pharmacopoeias. Germ-free, pyrogen-free and low gas content with a conductivity of 2.3 µS/cm.

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Weight 19
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Tariff Code 84194000
Country of Origin Germany


Dimensions (WxDxH): 540x290x420mm
Water Consumption: 30 approx. L/hr.
Output: 2L / hr.
Power: 1500W
  • The evaporator is easily accessible by lifting off the condenser/lid.
  • Heating elements made of stainless steel
  • CO2 degassing through outlet in the condenser
  • Economical energy consumption by distillation of the heated cooling water
  • Thermostatic low water cut-off to protect the heating element from running dry
  • Main switch with indicator lamp on front side
  • epoxy resin coated housing
Hoses for water in- and outlet are available as accessory.
  • Fully automatic water stills for bench or wall mounting, with distillation capacities from 2 to 12 l/h. With storage tank for twice the hourly capacity of the unit. With automatic cleaning indicator when the water in the bubble is very dirty.
  • Evaporator with splash water barrier
  • Condenser and storage tank made of stainless steel
  • Water that has not evaporated drains off via the cooling water drain
  • Electronic level switch switches the still off when the storage tank is full and restarts it automatically when distillate is withdrawn
  • Double-walled housing
  • Distillate withdrawal through drain cock with continuous and touch position
  • Water supply via solenoid valve with connection for pressure hose 1/2" (I.D. 12.7 mm), cooling water drain with hose connection 3/4" (I.D. 19 mm)
  • A cooling water pressure of 3-7 bar is required