Total Organic Carbon Standards (TOC) Premium Range

Reagecon’s Premium range of Total Organic Carbon Standards (TOC) and Total Inorganic Carbon Standards (TIC), were developed with the most discerning category of customer in mind.  Such standards are particularly suitable in terms of quality, sensitivity, description and presentation for such sectors as the Pharmaceutical and Electronic industries. Although these standards overlap with those of the Instrument Specific range, you can see that they are categorised below in a way that is familiar to such industries as Pharmaceuticals and Electronics.

  • Extensive range (500 ppb - 20,000 ppm)
  • In accordance with USP <643> and <1051> guidelines
  • Extremely high specification and purity, manufactured in a cleanroom environment
  • Presented in single-use glass vials, which are manufactured, cleaned and leached specifically for low level TOC standards.