Titration (Titrants, Analytical Volumetric Solutions & Indicators)

Analytical Volumetric Solutions also called titration solutions, titrants, standard titrants or standard solutions are reagents of known concentration that are added from a burette or other dispensing apparatus to a sample (analyte) until a reaction between the two liquids is judged to be complete. Reagecon carries by far the most extensive offering of both indicators and titrants available in the market place.:-

Analytical Volumetric Solutions

Reagecon offers an extensive range of analytical volumetric solutions specified for titration. These products, in addition to be being suitable as titrants, can be used as standard reference materials.

Analytical Volumetric Concentrates

Reagecon's Analytical Volumetric Concentrates in ampoule format are fully factorised, high purity, stable products, developed and tested for titrations. Each Ampoule is supplied in its own box with full instructions printed on the box.

Non Aqueous Titrants

Reagecon's Analytical Volumetric Non Acqueous Titrants are fully factorised, high purity, stable products, developed and tested for acid/base titrations. 

Indicator Solutions

Reagecon’s high quality Indicator Solutions are design specifically for manual titrations. High quality indicator solutions such as Reagecon's facilitate end point detection, in a clear and unambiguous manner and are an imperative for accurate manual titrimetry.

Total Acid No. (TAN) and Total Base No. (TBN) Standards and Reagents

Reagecon's TAN and TBN range includes a selection of Solvents, Titrants, Standards, Buffers and Electrolytes specifically formulated for the testing of TAN and TBN using ASTM methods D664, D2896 and D4739 (in-service lubricants).