pH Buffer Solutions, Electrode Care and Maintenance, pH Meters & Electrodes

Reagecon manufactures the most comprehensive range of pH buffers, electrode filling, care and maintenance solutions. We also supply a comprehensive offering of pH meters, electrodes and ancillary apparatus, all available from a single source and all packaged and designed to fulfil user requirements

pH Buffer Solutions

- Calibration values pH 4, 7, 9 & 10, colour coded options available.

- Control values cover pH range 1-13

- Professional range of Technical, NIST/DIN, & High Resolution

- Low Ionic Strength & Antimony Buffer Solutions

All pH solution testing is ISO17025 accredited at 20°C or 25°C with direct traceability to the IUPAC pH scale through an unbroken chain of traceability.

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Electrode Care & Maintenance Solutions

Concentrated or saturated Potassium Chloride (KCl) is a widely used electrolyte solution, it ensures the cation/anion equitransference, should be equimobile, has constant chloride activity, high electrical conductance and is non-chemically reactive.

Electrode cleaning and storage solutions are designed to extend the useful life of your pH electrode and optimise performance.

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pH Meters

We supply a range of the leading brand pH meters. An example being the LLG pH Meter 7, an easy-to-use,
robust table-top instrument for measuring pH and redox potential. The large colour touch display, intuitive,
language-independent user interface, all ensuring efficient performance.

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pH Electrodes

Select your electrode from the wide selection we offer, dependant on applications select from low
maintenance combination electrodes, integrated temperature sensors, plastic or glass bodies and gel or
electrolyte solutions.

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Knowledge Centre

In addition to the supply of a complete suite of products for pH testing, we also invite you to visit our knowledge base containing technical papers and articles to help with your pH applications and many more of our product ranges.

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