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  • Laborhits 2021 Week 36 06/09/2021
    Duran®Protect Laboratory Bottles Shop Online

  • Laborhits 2021 Week 32 10/08/2021
    Trajan Capillary Columns Shop Online

  • Laborhits 2021 Week 30 26/07/2021
    Testo Saveris 2-T2 WiFi Temperature Logger Set Shop Online

  • Labortops 2021 Q3 Week 26 30/06/2021
    You will find the latest edition of our Labortops 3/2021 packed full with exclusive offers and new products for all your Laboratory essentials.  View Offers and Shop Online now.

  • Laborhits 2021 Week 26 30/06/2021
    Thermo Scientific Digital Vortex Mixer Shop Online

  • Laborhits 2021 Week 24 14/06/2021
    Vacuubrand Vacuu·Pure Screw Pumps 10/10C Shop Online

  • Laborhits 2021 Week 22 01/06/2021
    LLG-uniMELT 2 and 3 Melting Point Meters Shop Online

  • Laborhits 2021 Week 18 04/05/2021
    Lovibond TR 520 Reflectance Spectrophotometer Shop Online

  • Laborhits 2021 Week 16 19/04/2021
    Zirbus Laboratory Freeze Dryer VaCo 2 Shop Online

  • Laborhits 2021 Week 14 09/04/2021
    Powteq Centrifugal Mill FM200 Shop Online

  • Labortops 2021 Q2 Week 13 01/04/2021
    You will find the latest edition of our Labortops 2/2021 packed full with exclusive offers and new products for all your Laboratory essentials.  View Offers and Shop Online now.

  • News 2021 Week 13 Sempercare Nitrile Skin 2 30/03/2021
    Sempercare Nitrile Skin 2 Gloves Shop Online​​
  • Laborhits 2021 Week 12 22/03/2021
    Burkle Core Samplers Shop Online
  • Reagecon 2021 Week 11 15/03/2021
    HandSan Alcohol (80%) Topical Antiseptic Hand Rub available now to shop online

  • Laborhits 2021 Week 10 12/03/2021
    Liebherr Ultra Low Temperature Freezers SUFsg 5001 / SUFsg 7001 Shop Online
  • Reagecon 2021 Week 06 09/02/2021
    Clinical & Life Sciences Catalogue Shop Online
  • Laborhits 2021 Week 06 09/02/2021
    Kautex Industrial Jerrycans, HDPE Shop Online
  • Laborhits 2021 Week 04 27/01/2021
    Ebro RM 100 Room Climate Monitor Shop Online

  • Laborhits 2021 Week 04 25/01/2021
    Cyro Transport and Control Shop Online
  • Labortops 2021 Q1 Week 01 30/12/2020
    You will find the latest edition of our Labortops 1/2021 packed full with exclusive offers and new products for all your Laboratory essentials.  View Offers and Shop Online now.
  • Christmas Shipping Schedule 2020 18/11/2020
    Our offices will be closed for the Christmas Period from Wednesday 23rd December and will reopen on Monday 4th January 2021 @ 8.30am. Thank you for your continued support in 2020 and we look forward to working with you 2021.
  • Analytica Trade Show Shanghai 2020 Week 48 10/11/2020
    We are currently still in lockdown in Ireland, but are thrilled to see that things are beginning to get back to normal in China as we exhibit at the Shanghai Analytica Trade Show, which commenced this morning.
  • Laborhits 2020 Week 48 10/11/2020
    Protect Yourself Shop Online
  • Laborhits 2020 Week 46 10/11/2020
    Protect Yourself Shop Online
  • Laborhits 2020 Week 44 29/10/2020
    activaMask Face Masks Disposable Shop Online
  • Laborhits 2020 Week 44 27/10/2020
    Laboratory Bottles Duran Protect Shop Online
  • Labortops 2020 Q4 Week 40 01/10/2020
    You will find the latest edition of our Labortops 4/2020 packed full with exclusive offers and new products for all your Laboratory essentials.  View Offers and Shop Online now.
  • Laborhits 2020 Week 38 14/09/2020
    Testo 720 Digital Thermometer now to Shop Online
  • 2020 Brand Week 36 01/09/2020
    Brand Accu-jet Pro Pipette Contollers available now to Shop Online
  • Laborhits 2020 Week 36 01/09/2020
    IKA ROTAVISC Viscometers now to Shop Online
  • Reagecon 2020 Week 35 - Pharmaceutical Catalogue 25/08/2020
    Pharmaceutical Standards & Reagents available now to shop online 
    Detailed & comprehensive collection of products for the pharmaceutical industry, specifications & technical advice.

  • Laborhits 2020 Week 34 17/08/2020
    Mettler Toledo FiveGo F4 Dissolved Oxygen Meter now to Shop Online
  • Laborhits 2020 Week 32 04/08/2020
    LLG UniRollers 6 Easy/Pro available now to Shop Online
  • Laborhits 2020 Week 30 21/07/2020
    Peak Hydrogen Generators Precision Hydrogen SL available now to Shop Online
  • 2020 Stakpure Week 30 20/07/2020
    Stakpure Ultra Pure Water Systems available now to Shop Online 

  • Laborhits 2020 Week 28 07/07/2020
    Memmert Constant Climate Chambers HPP available now to Shop Online
  • Labortops 2020 Q3 Week 27 01/07/2020
    You will find the latest edition of our Labortops 3/2020 packed full with exclusive offers and new products for all your Laboratory essentials.  View Offers and Shop Online now.
  • Laborhits 2020 Week 26 22/06/2020
    Vitlab Automatic Burettes Schilling Pattern available now to Shop Online
  • Laborhits 2020 Week 24 15/06/2020
    Mettler Toledo Benchtop pH and Conductivity Meters available now to Shop Online
  • Laborhits 2020 Week 22 24/05/2020
    Testo 440 Multifunction Climate Measuring Instrument Kit available now to Shop Online
  • Laborhits 2020 Week 18 27/04/2020
    CertoClav Tabletop Autoclaves Vacuum Pro Series available now to Shop Online 

  • Reagecon 2020 Week 15 09/04/2020
    HandSan Alcohol (80%) Topical Solution Non-Sterile Antiseptic Hand Rub available now to shop online 

  • Gloves 2020 Week 15 08/04/2020
    How to take off Disposable & Resusable Gloves
  • Labortops 2020 Q2 Week 14 31/03/2020
    You will find the latest edition of our Labortops 2/2020 packed full with exclusive offers and new products for all your Laboratory essentials.  View Offers and Shop Online now.
  • Laborhits 2020 Week 14 31/03/2020
    LLG Laboratory Stools Chairs & Rests available now to Shop Online 

  • Reagecon 2020 Week 14 30/03/2020
    Coronavirus COVID-19 Internal & External Measures

  • Laborhits 2020 Week 12 16/03/2020
    DURAN Wide Mouth Bottles GLS80 available now to shop online 
    DURAN Wide Mouth Bottles GLS80
  • Reagecon 2020 Week 10 06/03/2020
    Cleaning Solutions available now to shop online 

  • Reagecon 2020 Week 10 05/03/2020
    Turbiform™ Stabilised Formazin Turbidity Standards available now to shop online 

  • Laborhits 2020 Week 08 17/02/2020
    Jenway Flame Photometers PFP7 and PFP7/C available now to shop online 

  • Laborhits 2020 Week 06 03/02/2020
    Ohaus Orbital Shaker SHEX1619DG available now to shop online 

  • Laborhits 2020 Week 04 21/01/2020
    Kern Precision Balances EMB available now to shop online 

  • Reagecon Organic Standards 13/01/2020
    Reagecon has a new and extended range of Organic Standards for FAME, FAEE, Nitrosamines and Phthalates. These ranges come in a variety of concentrations and pack sizes. Many customised and private label options are also available.
  • Laborhits 2020 Week 02 06/01/2020
    Burkle Withdrawal Systems for Solvents available now to shop online 

  • Labortops 2020 Q1 Week 01 30/12/2019
    You will find the latest edition of our Labortops 1/2020 packed full with exclusive offers and new products for all your Laboratory essentials.  View Offers and Shop Online now.

  • LLG Pro & Dual Timers 16/12/2019
    2 in 1 LLG Pro
    - Real time clock and time at the same time
    - Digital stopwatch (counting up)
    - Short timer (counting down)
    - Memory function
    2 in 1 LLG Dual Timer
    - Two separate timers
    - Digital stopwatch (counting up)
    - Short timer (counting down)
    - Memory function
    - Stopwatch with tenths of a second

  • Christmas Shipping Schedule 2019 09/12/2019
  • CertoClav Tabletop Autoclaves Vacuum Pro Series 26/11/2019
    Programmable, compact laboratory autoclaves for sterilisation of solid materials and liquids. Integrated temperature sensor. Integrated fresh and waste water tank. Fast sterilisation cycles starting from 20 minutes including drying time.

    -Stand alone device, no water connection needed
    -Automated Documentation

  • Laborgerate Sud Precision Balances Malo BML 04/11/2019
    Sturdy balances ideal for routine tasks in terms of fast stabilisation and accurate repeatable results as well as the large high contrast LCD display.

  • IKA myPlate Magnetic Stirrer 04/11/2019
    The magnetic stirrer myPlate combines the excellent technical features of the magnetic stirrers colour squid and big squid with the option of creative individualisation. Thanks to the interchangeable frame the image template provided can be exchanged easily through a personal image.

  • DWK Silicone Lids Duran™ 29/10/2019
    Easy to clean and reusable. This results in less waste, and a lower environment impact. Stretchable silicone lid for save covering of vessels, e.g. to protect against dust or splashing of solutions. The wide overlapping sides of the silicone lid closes well with the vessel wall. Suitable for temperatures from -40 °C to 180 °C. The prolonged exposure to solvents may cause swelling of the material.

  • * NEW * Standards for Elemental Impurities in Pharmaceuticals ICH Q3D 11/10/2019
    Reagecon has introduced a NEW range of Standards for ICP, ICP-MS Elemental Impurities ICH Q3D, in the context of Pharmaceutical products, almost all of the major pharmacopoeias have published new regulations pertaining to Elemental Impurities. This publication presents in clear and concise detail, the history that predated these new regulations, the new methods that are recommended and specifics relating to why such regulations are now being enforced.
  • Reagecon Cation & Anion Standards 01/10/2019
    Reagecon has a new and extended range of Cation and Anion Standards for ICP-MS/ICP-OES, Ion Chromatography, Atomic Absorption and Flame Photometry. These ranges come in a variety of concentrations, pack sizes and matrices. They are available as Single Element or Multi Element mixtures. Many customised and private label options are also available.
  • DWK Microcarrier Spinner Flask Magna Flex™ 30/09/2019
    Gentle stirring action by  a bulb shaped glass  impeller. Autoclavable borosilicate glass.
    - Designed for microcarrier cultures with amagnetic stirrer
    - Gentle stirring action provided by a bulb-shaped glass impeller
    - 1:1 headspace ratio for ideal gas exchange
    - Autoclavable borosilicate glass that conforms to USP Type I and ASTM E 438 Type I,  Class A requirements
  • Labortops 2019 Q4 Week 36 30/09/2019
    You will find the latest edition of our Labortops 4/2019 packed full with exclusive offers and new products for all your Laboratory essentials.  View Offers and Shop Online now.
  • IKA Vortex 3 Shakers 16/09/2019
    Vortex shaker suitable for intermittent operation (touch function), activated by pressing shaker attachment, or for continuous operation. Supplied with standard attachment.
    - Wide speed range, infinitely adjustable
    - Versatile, due to 3 accessory interchangeable attachments and 7 inserts
    - Attachments securely click onto shaker in any position
    - Strap Clamp (VG 3.36) ensures easy holding of round/erlenmeyer flasks
    - Sturdy, die cast zinc casing
    - Stable at high speeds
    - Eccentric drive with ball bearings
    - Self ventilated motor allows continuous operation with minimal warm up of the housing

  • Eutech CON150/CON450 Conductivity Meters 02/09/2019
    For measurement of conductivity/total dissolved solids/temperature/salinity (CON450 only). These rugged waterproof meters are ideal for any environment. Kit includes:- Meter- Conductivity Cell (K=1.0)
    - Grip-Clip™
    - Two AA Batteries
    - Hard Carry Case
    - Calibration Solution
    - CON450 additionally supplied with USB Cable
  • Liebherr MediLine Pharmacy Refrigerators MKUv 1610 & MKv 3910 22/08/2019
    Liebherr medical storage refrigerators comply with DIN 58345. A visual and audible alarm alerts the user to temperature deviations or a power failure. The safety thermostat prevents temperatures below +2°C. All appliances are equipped with a volt-free contact for alarm forwarding to an external remote warning system. The inner liner with the individually height-adjustable, sturdy wire shelves is easy to clean and enables perfect hygiene. This ensures safe storage of your pharmaceutical products.
  • Vitlab Measuring Jug Sets 19/08/2019
    Set consisting of one piece each yellow, blue, red and green. PP, transparent, stackable.
    With easily readable, printed scale on both sides, spout and stable handle. The volume
    is thus easy to read for left- and right-handed users.
    To preserve markings, do not clean at temperatures exceeding 60ºC.
    Food-safe (suitable for contact with foodstuff in accordance with Regulation EC No. 10/2011).

  • Grant Centrifuge Combispin PCV-2400 12/08/2019
    Combined centrifuge/vortex mixer for microtubes and 0.2 ml strips.For independent centrifuge and vortex mixing, or mixing of an individual tube concurrently with spinning of multiple tubes. The vortex cup, located at the top of the central shaft, emerges through an opening in the closed lid.
    In spin-mix-spin applications, the Combispin can be used with very low reagent volumes.
  • Welch Rotary Van Pumps CRVpro 4/6/8 22/07/2019
    The Welch CRVpro pumps are high-performance two-stage rotary vane pumps. These robust vacuum pumps impress with their long service life, high reliability and low maintenance requirements.
    The CRVpro series are the perfect partners for freeze dryers, vacuum concentrators, Schlenklines, glove boxes and vacuum ovens, as well as industrial applications. Range pH: 0 … 14.00
  • Binder Incubators BD, BF Series 15/07/2019
    The new Avantgarde.Line incubators, with their exceptional efficiency and perfect temperature accuracy thanks to the very latest APT.lineTM technology has the real appeal. Class 3.1 integrated independent temperature safety device (DIN 12880) with visual alarm.

    Temperature range Series BD: ambient temperature plus 5°C to 100°C
    Temperature range Series BF: ambient temperature plus 7-8°C to 100°C

  • Labortops 2019 Q3 Week 27 02/07/2019
    You will find the latest edition of our Labortops 3/2019 packed full with exclusive offers and new products for all your Laboratory essentials.  View Offers and Shop Online now.
  • Reagecon TOC/TIC Standards 18/06/2019
    Reagecon offer an extensive range of new independent standards, suitable for use on leading brands of TOC/ TIC analysers for laboratory and online applications. Although the below list is not totally exhaustive it does include independent standards for makes and models listed alphabetically as follows:

    Analytik Jena®                     Horiba®                                 Sievers®
    Anatel®                                 Lachat®                                 Swan®
    AQUA-Lab®                          Lighthouse®                         Teledyne Tekmar®
    Beckman®                            Memrapure®                        Thornton®
    Comet®                                 OI Analytical®                                
    Elementar®                          Shimadzu®                                    

    These standards are developed, validated, manufactured and tested to an extremely high specification. We believe that they offer real choice in the market place and represent exceptionally good value.
  • LLG pH Meter 7 13/06/2019
    The LLG pH Meter 7 is an easy-to-use, robust table-top instrument for measuring pH and redox potential. The large color touch display and the intuitive, language-independent user interface ensure fast  and easy use. Particularly suitable for routine applications in laboratories, production plants and schools.

    Range pH: 0 … 14.00
    Temperature range pH meter: -5 ... 105 °C
    Temperature range electrode*: 0 ... 80 °C
    Measuring range mV: -2000 ... 2000 mV
    Protection class: IP 54
  • Steriplast Bio-products 11/06/2019
    SteriPlast® Bio-products are only manufactured with renewable raw materials. To create a completely sustainable product, the individual packaging is also made of bio-PE. This is 100 % recyclable and is manufactured without fossil raw materials. This also involves a CO2 saving as well as a reduction of the greenhouse effect.

    The SteriPlast® Bio line made of green PE is produced in our clean room of class 7 (10,000), individually packaged in bio-PE film for disposable use and then sterilised by gamma rays (min. 10 kGy). Green PE bio-plastic has all the suitable properties of conventional polyethylene but is manufactured from renewable raw materials.
  • POLYSCIENCE Temperature Control Solutions 07/06/2019
    An economical alternative to integrated heating baths for liquid temperatures up to 150 °C. Controller bridge rests securely on the bath, yet is easily removed for tank cleaning. Generous bath opening provides ready access to samples. Delivery: included bath cover.

    Working temperature range:    RT +10° ... +150 °C (+135 °C, type: MX)
    Temperature stability:               ± 0.01 °C (± 0.07 °C, type: MX)
    Heating capacity:                        2.2 kW (1,1 kW, type: MX)
    Pump capacity:                           16.7 l/min / 0.25 bar (type: AD, AP)
                                                          11.9 l/min / 0.12 bar (type: MX)
  • KERN Analytical Balance ABP 13/05/2019
    This new generation of analytical balances combines the highest level of precision with large weighing capacities. Thanks to the new Single-Cell Generation, the weighing result is displayed in a fraction of the time with comparable models. Together with the intuitively structured menu, this means that you can work efficiently and rapidly.

    - Premium Analytical Balance
    - New Single-Cell Generation
    - Rapid and Stable Weighing Results

  • Duran® HPLC Reservoirs Bottles 29/04/2019
    The DURAN® reservoir bottles have been designed for use in high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and allows longer, uninterrupted analyses. A central cavity in the bottom of the bottle allows mobile phases and solvents to be dispensed without tilting the bottle. Side vent hole in the base for ultrasonic bath degassing, or water drainage after cleaning.
  • HERMLE Microlitre Centrifuge Z 167 M 14/04/2019
    The Z 167 M is ideally suited for the routine centrifugation
    of reaction tubes.  Equipped with a powerful drive, it accelerates
    the 18 x 1.5/2.0 ml rotor in a very short time to approx. 16,000 x g.
    Color visual representation of the operating state such as standstill,
    sleep mode or centrifugation.

    Scope of delivery: Microlitre centrifuge Z 167 M
    incl. angle rotor for 18 x 1.5/2.0 ml
  • Vacuubrand Vacuu-Select Vacuum Controller 01/04/2019
    Looking for an intuitive, easy-to-use vacuum controller? 
    Vacuubrand has introduced the Vacuu·Select controller, an application-based controller with a touch screen display for all of your lab-scale vacuum processes. The Vacuu·Select controller has you covered. Use manual set-point-control for simple processes, run fully automated distillations or create your own application with simple drag-and-drop editing. To use pre-defined applications, simply select your application and press start. The controller independently manages the vacuum process to completion. For solvent evaporation, the Vacuu·Select controller detects boiling points and adjusts the vacuum process as necessary. You can virtually forget about the vacuum process and devote your attention to other tasks. The Vacuu·Select controller is an easy-to-use, efficient controller for your lab.
  • IKA Homogeniser T25 Easy Clean Digital & Dispersing Head 18/03/2019
    15% Discount - offer valid until Tuesday, 30th April 2019

    Homogeniser T25 Easy Clean Digital
    High-performance homogeniser with electronic speed control and a large variety of dispersing heads for many fields of applications. In combination with an IKA laboratory reactor it is also possible to conduct dispersion tasks under vacuum or pressure.

  • LLG pH Meter 5 Set 14/03/2019
    pH/mV/°C Handheld Meter
    with Electrode, Temperature Sensor, SD Card and Case

    The LLG pH meter 5 is a very easy to use pH/mV/°C handheld meter. The pH value and temperature can be stored directly on the SD card (Excel file) or transferred directly from the pH meter to a PC via the RS-232 interface.

    Measuring Range pH: 0 ... 14
    Protection Class: IP 51
  • Reagecon Viscosity Standards 25/02/2019
    Reagecon offers an exciting range of certified, accurate and traceable Viscosity Standards. These products can be used for calibration, control, verification, qualification or method validation of kinematic and dynamic viscosity measurement instruments (both manual and automatic). All of the products are traceable to the ITS-90 Temperature scale and the universally accepted Primary Standard value of the viscosity of water at 20°C, defined as 1.0034mm2/s (cSt) by ISO3666.
  • KD Scientific Legato Syringe Pumps 18/02/2019
    The Legato® series of syringe pumps provide the smoothest most accurate flow available. The intuitive, chemically resistant touch screen enables the user to quickly create configurations and recall them for ease of use. Single syringe, single remote syringe, dual syringe and multirack configurations are available along with the infuse only or infuse/withdraw/continuous operation (model dependent).

    Applications: Electrospinning, Flow Cytometry, Microfluidics, Mass Spec, Drug Discovery, Organic Synthesis, Nanofluidics, Stereotaxic Injections
  • 3M Safety Eyeshields SecureFit™ 400 04/02/2019
    3M™ SecureFit™ 400 Safety Eyewear is designed with the pro in mind to bring you exceptional performance, comfort and durability. Equipped with innovative 3M™ Pressure Diffusion Temple Technology, these safety glasses fit comfortably over your ear while providing a secure fit, so you can focus on the task at hand. The pliable arms flex to fit nearly every member of your crew, while soft-touch nose pads and ear piece inlays deliver all-day comfort. The contoured, wraparound design fits close to your face helping to block small flying objects or particles, while providing essential protection from harmful UV rays. The slim, flexible temples pair well with hearing protection for comfort. These sleek, modern safety glasses are available in three lens types, so there's a pair for a variety of projects. When it comes to your eyes, don't compromise reach for the protection and engineered comfort of 3M™ SecureFit™ 400 Safety Eyewear.
  • ASPURE Cleanroom Swabs 30/01/2019
    Cleanroom Swabs with polypropylene shaft and rounded head made of almost
    particle-free polyurethane or polyester.
    Packed: Dust free in a cleanroom
    Material Shaft: PP
    Cleanroom Class: ISO5

  • BURKLE Automatic Burettes with Splinter Protection 18/01/2019
    Burette according to Dr. Schilling with splinter protection, with Schellbach stripes, automatic zeroing system and Bürkle dosing device.

    The glass burette is covered with a plastic sheet which increases the tensile strength and serves as splinter protection. The probability that the burette breaks is reduced compared to conventional burettes and even in case the burette breaks, no dangerous splinters will be produced.  

  • PARAFILM® Offer 16/01/2019
    (offer valid until Tuesday, 30th April 2019)

    Parafilm® M can be stretched up to 200% and clings around irregular shapes and surfaces, is resistant to many polar substances such as saline solutions, inorganic acids and alkaline solutions for up to 48 hours. (After this time it may become brittle).

  • Embracing E-Commerce to Scale a Business 01/10/2018
    Reagecon has been growing steadily, but has up until now, not embraced ecommerce. The company has been employing traditional sales and marketing techniques. These include the use of a well motivated sales force, catalogues, exhibitions, advertising in trade journals, technical white papers and other marketing collateral. We had a very poor website and virtually no SEO capability. “We were inundated with technical enquiries, stock availability, supply chain, delivery and transport enquiries” says Tom Neylon, Sales Manager at Reagecon. There was significant scope also for order handling improvement, every order was entered manually into our ERP system.