You will find the latest edition of our Labortops 4/2022 packed full of exclusive offers and new products for all your Laboratory essentials valid to 31.12.22.
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Analytical Measurement & Testing

pH Measurement, Balances, Electrodes



Liquid Chromatography & Syringes

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Cleanroom, Cleaning

& Sterilisation

Ultrasonic Cleaners, Wipes, 

Cleanroom Mats, Paper & Marker Pens

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Distillation, Separation

& Filtration

Centrifuges, Filtration Apparatus & Filter Papers

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Environmental, Soil, 

Water & Food Analysis

Carbon Dioxide Safety Monitors

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General Laboratory


Adhesive Label Tapes, Burners, Containers, Funnels, Jerrycans, Stands, Spatulas, Spoons & Wash Bottles

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Refrigeration & 

Heating Technology

Cooling Boxes, Dry Baths, Incubators, Thermoblocks & Waterbaths,

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Life Sciences

Blotting Paper, Cell Scrapers, Culture Plates, Colony Counters, DNA Markers, Flasks, & Loops

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Liquid Handling

Drum Pumps, Bottle Top Dispensers, Pipette Controllers, Microlitre Pipettes, Reagent Reservoir Chillers,

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Occupational Safety & Security

Autoclavable Bags, Ear Protection, Eye Wash & Waste Disposal, 

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Optical Instruments & Microscopes


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Sample Preparation

Homogensier Bags, Sampling Bags, Filter Bags, Pickers, Scoops & Spatulas

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Stirring, Shaking 

& Mixing

Heating Blocks, Magnetic Stirrers, Overhead Stirrers, Thermoshakers, Vortexers & Rocking Shakers

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Labortops 4/2022


Valid to 31.12.22

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Vacuum & Drying Technology

Vaccum Pumps & Measuring Instruments

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