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Analytical Measurement & Testing

pH and Oxygen Measurement,
Thermometers & Data Loggers



Atomisers, Plates & Syringes

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Cleanroom, Cleaning

& Sterilisation

Brushes, Cloths, Wipes, 

Tapes & Biological Indicators

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Distillation, Separation

& Filtration

Buchner Funnels, Centrifuges & Tubes, Filtration Apparatus & Syringes Filters

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General Laboratory


Beakers, Bottles, Forceps, Flasks, Funnels, Measuring Jugs, Scoops, Spatulas, Spoons & Tube Racks

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Heating & Cooling


Incubators, Waterbaths, Dry Block Heaters, Cryogenic Storage, Freezer Boxes/Racks, & Heating Mantles

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Life Sciences

Cell Culture Flasks & Tubes, Cell Counters, PCR Cabinets & Coolers, Media & Media Bottles

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Liquid Handling

Pipettors, Volumetric Pipettes, Pasture Pipettes, Pipette Bulbs, Reagent Reservoirs, Peristaltic Pumps, Burettes, Flasks & Measuring Cylinders

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Occupational Safety & Security

Safety Glasses, Gloves, Hand Protectors, Gowns, Chairs, Step Ladders, Trolleys, Autoclave Bags & Needle Containers

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Optical Instruments & Microscopes

Microscope, Spectrophotometer, Staining Jars & Racks

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Sample Preparation

Sampling Scoops

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Stirring, Shaking 

& Mixing

Magnetic Stirrers & Bars,  Overhead Stirrers, Thermo Shakers, Vortex & Orbital Shakers

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Labortops 2/2020


Valid to 30.06.20

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Vacuum & Drying Technology

Vaccum Pumps & Measuring Instruments

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Extra Flyer

Valid to 30.06.20

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