Reagecon currently offers in excess of 10,000 Physical & Chemical Standards and Reagents to a worldwide marketplace.  However, there are always customers that require customised products. Classical examples of such customisations may include:
  • Different volume or packaging options
  • Target value or specification variations of existing products
  • Variants in formulation
  • Test method variations
  • Presentation variations (eg colour)
  • Totally new formulations
This customised service is availed of by a large number of customers worldwide.  If you would like to avail of any of these product customisation options, either singularly or in combination, irrespective of geography or volume, simply complete the attached form.

A Unique New Value Proposition for Private Label Customers

Reagecon is the largest producer in the world of Chemical and Physical Standards, Certified Reference Materials and Reagents. We produce in excess of 10,000 different products, which are sold through distributors under the Reagecon brand, in 170 countries. We also sell an extensive portfolio of products through private label channels and instrument manufacturers.

Over  the  past  2  years,  we  have  focused  very  heavily  within  our  company  on  developing  a new and unique value proposition for Private Label Partners and wish to extend our market reach and growth into this very important segment.  From the perspective of a potential Private Label partner there are several compelling reasons why you should offer Standards, Reagents or Certified Reference Materials including but not limited to the following:
  • Continuous and repeatable revenue stream.
  • Ability to offer a complete, integrated package of Standards and Reagents bearing your corporate image.
  • Create a heightened sense of awareness of your company in the market, through private label branding.
  • Increased competitive advantage by quoting private label products against main brands.
  • Private label products create greater “lock-in” with customers; they can only buy from you.
Using these considerations as a baseline, we have developed a value proposition that contains several unique innovations that will give you significant competitive advantage in terms of your consumable offering.
  • Your products will be produced by a highly accredited producer. These accreditations include a cluster of physical accreditations unique in the world of metrology.
  • Extensive and complete regulatory compliance.
  • Extensive manufacturing capability for aqueous and non aqueous products.
However, our other capabilities either singly or combined make us unique as a supplier of customised liquid chemistry and include:
  • Packaging Solutions
  • Analyst Qualification Sets (AQS)
  • Rapid prototype kit design and production
  • Design and produce your marketing collateral for Standards and Reagents within seven (7) working days
From a supply chain and logistics perspective, we can offer you the following:
  • Customised options – we are happy to quote for any customised product or specific formulation
  •  Flexibility - we will quote you for small annual quantities of product, unique for a global manufacturing company
If you would like to avail of this private label irrespective of geography or volume, simply complete the attached form.