Laboratories today are facing new pressures, with increased regulatory demands requiring validity on every analytical test performed. Not only must the correct result be obtained, but proof must also be provided of its fitness for purpose, comparability and accuracy.

Irrespective of whether your laboratory is involved in analytical chemistry, life sciences, biotechnology, the clinical or pharmaceutical industries, several factors play a role in these laboratory demands and the correct performance of your instruments and equipment is crucial.

Reagecon Technical Services has over 25 years experience of providing complete support solutions to laboratories. As a technical centre of excellence, we were the first company in Ireland to gain INAB (ISO/IEC 17025) Accreditation for Volume Calibration and were the first to offer INAB Accredited Calibrations across all three of Volume, Weighing and Temperature. Services can be provided both on your site and in our dedicated metrology laboratory in Shannon (INAB Ref:265C).

Reagecon’s Technical Services Department can help you to determine all of your calibration, maintenance and service requirements. We can design a full programme to meet these requirements and manage the entire schedule for you, providing the following benefits to you:

  • Managing fewer suppliers - using one company to manage calibration and service needs for all your equipment 
  • Easier scheduling - with the need to only contact one company for all your equipment needs 
  • Reduce downtime of equipment - on-site engineers can perform all services and work around your schedule in your laboratory 
  • Obtain the most competitive prices - reduce indirect costs by less administration of purchase orders and invoices
  • Customer case studies have shown that a saving of 55% in support overheads can be made by using one supplier for all of your calibration, technical service, and support requirements.

VOLUME CALIBRATION SERVICES: Reagecon were the first Irish company to gain ISO/IEC 17025 (INAB Ref. 265C) accreditation for calibration of pipettes and can calibrate pipettes in our dedicated calibration laboratory or on our clients’ premises.

WEIGHING CALIBRATION SERVICES: Reagecon has INAB accreditation for Balance Calibration, with all makes and models of balances catered for (Ref. 265C). This service is provided on-site to laboratories anywhere. We can also provide re-certification of your check weights for daily use.

TEMPERATURE CALIBRATION SERVICES: Reagecon offers an INAB Accredited calibration service for the full range of temperature controlled enclosures including autoclaves and covers the range -90 °C to 140 °C (INAB Ref:265C).

ELECTROCHEMISTRY INSTRUMENT CALIBRATION SERVICE: Reagecon offers the complete Electrochemistry Calibration Service. All makes and models of pH, Conductivity and DO meters are calibrated using standards tested and certified to an ISO/IEC 17025 Test Method (INAB Ref:264T).

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