Analyst Qualification Sets

Summary of Features & Benefits

  • Proof of competence for individual analysts
  • Extensive range of test materials available
  • More cost effective than Laboratory based Proficiency Schemes
  • Enhanced audit compliance
  • Ready to Use
  • Uncertainty of measurement clearly defined
  • NIST traceable where applicable
  • Consistency of product - Independent, Traceable, Certified
  • Certificates of Analysis and Safety Data Sheets available online

Traditionally laboratories have used Proficiency Schemes to provide evidence of their competence. Now with tightening audit requirements auditors from compliance and accreditation bodies are increasingly asking for evidence that each analyst in a laboratory is competent to carry out individual analytical tests. Proficiency Schemes are not a cost effective way of meeting this requirement and method witnessing or working with known samples are of limited value.

Reagecon provides a new approach to proving analyst competency for a range of common laboratory tests. We will provide a set of unknown samples with password protection, online access to our ISO 17025 accredited test results of the samples where appropriate. This allows Laboratory Managers to provide their analysts with “blind” samples and to cost effectively assess the competency of each individual analyst on a specific test. The assurance provided by the use of blind samples and independent testing in turn allows the Laboratory Manager to meet all external auditors’ “proof of competency” requirements.

The unknown samples in the Reagecon range are prepared gravimetrically on a weight/weight basis from high purity raw materials. Both solute and solvent are weighed on a balance calibrated by Reagecon engineers using OIML traceable weights. Reagecon holds ISO 17025 accreditation for calibration of laboratory balances (A2LA Ref: 6739.02). The resulting Balance Certificate of Calibration is issued in accordance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025.

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