Technical Support

Reagecon’s “Deliver to the Bench” service offers a completely managed service to deliver, position, install and calibrate laboratory equipment, freeing up time for laboratory teams to focus on their core applications.


Through its experience in the sector, Reagecon understands the complexity of running laboratory operations, and the key factors that our customers face.

Using process innovation, we have developed a much improved delivery model called “Deliver to the Bench” that offers an extended service providing so more than “delivery to the door”.



  • Delivery to site using expert equipment
  • Positioning at the customer-defined location
  • Installation and Setup
  • Calibration and IQ/OQ
  • All packaging removed and waste taken away




With Reagecon’s “Deliver to the Bench Service” our customers experience assurance that equipment is ready to use once delivered. Our qualified technical engineers oversee the delivery and installation of your equipment, meaning that your in-house staff are free to concentrate on their core applications. Finally, Reagecon will dispose of all packaging for you, which again saves time and effort your own staff would previously have had to invest.

Our “Deliver to the Bench” service allows you to focus on your core applications leaving the delivery and administrational tasks in our experienced hands.