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Reagecon offers INAB accreditationReg. 265C to ISO 17025 for Weighing Calibration, with all makes and models of balances catered for. This service is provided on-site to laboratories nationwide.


Our accreditationReg. 265C covers:

  • Balance capacity up to 160kg covering all analytical and top-pan balances, and floor scales.
  • High tolerance E2 weights used from 1mg 600g, enabling calibration of precision balances.
  • Compliance with the requirements of OIML guidelines of R76 on the calibration of Non-automatic weighing instruments.
  • An initial, unreported assessment of the zero check and tare.
  • Testing of the repeatability, eccentricity and linearity of the balance across the full measuring range.


Our Calibration Certificates for equipment tested within the scope of our accreditation are provided with the following details:

  • Repeatability, Linearity and Eccentricity data.
  • Full details of Traceability and Uncertainty of Measurement.
  • The INAB logo the guarantee of Reagecons technical competence and the validity of the certificate.


Periodic balance calibration on its own is not sufficient to ensure that the balances day to day performance is acceptable. A daily check should be performed using a certified, traceable Check Weight for all balances. REAGECON can assist you in meeting this requirement by:

  • Advice on the appropriate value and OIML class of Check Weight for your application
  • Supply of ISO 17025 certified weights for all OIML classes from E1 to M2 and ASTM Class 1.

Reagecon partners with major balance manufacturers to offer the complete laboratory weighing service. We also offer a range of complementary products including:

  • Advise on balance selection for your application.
  • A comprehensive range of balances to met your technical and budgetary requirements.
  • A comprehensive range of accessories including weighing boats and spatulas.
  • Training on best measurement practice for accurate weighing.


In addition to our Weighing Calibration Service, Reagecon provides a complete technical support solution including Installation and IQ/OQ, Service and Preventative Maintenance Contracts, Repairs and Spares, Training and Advice